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Magician’s Curse by Linda G. Hill
June 25, 2017 Book Blog Tours Stephanie Ayers

When Herman Anderson leaves home to make a better life for herself, she doesn’t expect to meet a tall, dark stranger with whom she’ll fall hopelessly in love. Charming and mysterious, Stephen Dagmar is a stage magician seeking an assistant. The moment he sets eyes on Herman, he knows she’s the one. He brings her

The Weightless One by Anais Chartschenko
May 14, 2017 Book Blog Tours Stephanie Ayers

The Weightless One Blurb: Every bit of food I eat Is turning into more thoughts And what do I do with the thoughts I am too afraid to say? After a party changed everything, Miranda loses her appetite. She is placed in an eating disorder treatment program, where she must be brave enough to face

Book Tour: The Last Bucelarii: Gateway to the Past
April 2, 2017 Book Blog Tours Stephanie Ayers

Tagline/Elevator Pitch: A faceless, nameless assassin. A forgotten past.  The Hunter of Voramis–a killer devoid of morals, or something else altogether? (The Last Bucelarii–dark fantasy with a look at the underside of human nature) Book Info: Title: The Last Bucelarii (Book 3): Gateway to the Past Author: Andy Peloquin Publication Date: March 31st, 2017 Paperback

Blog Tour: Umbrae by Debbie Manber Kupfer
March 3, 2017 Book Blog Tours Stephanie Ayers

It’s alive! March 1st was the day that book 3 of the P.A.W.S. Saga went out into the world! Step into the Shadows of Umbrae …   Available in Kindle or Paperback Enjoy this interview with Joey Marks, the kangaroo animagus and Australian exchange student at P.A.W.S.   Welcome!  And thank you for taking time out

Book Tour: The Fell by Lyndsey Harper
January 22, 2017 Book Blog Tours Stephanie Ayers

The Book: Title: The Fell Genre: Dark Fantasy Series: 1 Publisher: Crimson Edge Press Release Date: January 18, 2017 Book Blurb: After the brutal death of his mentor, Leer Boxwell’s only desire is vengeance. However, his belief that the murderer is the mythical Grimbarror has made him the laughing stock of the Vale. When Leer

Book Tour: Child of the Night Guild by Andy Peloquin
January 20, 2017 Book Blog Tours Stephanie Ayers

Book Info: Title: Child of the Night Guild (Queen of Thieves Book 1) Author: Andy Peloquin Publication Date: Jan 17, 2017 Digital Price: 2.99 Pages: 401 ASIN: B01N1TC3VW Tagline/Elevator Pitch: Vicious, ruthless criminals are made, not born. Child of the Night Guild—an insight into the transformation from innocent child to thief and killer. Book Blurb:

Book Tour: The Glass Thief by John Ryers
January 8, 2017 Book Blog Tours,Interviews Stephanie Ayers

We are so excited to share with you John Ryers’ author debut with The Glass Thief, the first book in his Tears of Aeryeth series! Get all the details and order your copy today! The Glass Thief A debt is owed. Del Kanadis–indentured thief to the King of Fires–desires freedom above all else. When given

Blog Book Tour: Marmalade’s First Christmas
October 23, 2016 Book Blog Tours A.L. Mabry

Marmalade’s First Christmas A Novella By Paula Millhouse Pre-Order Blitz When billionaire Jake Simons rescues a kitten the week before Christmas, the orange tabby cat leads Jake to the greatest gift of the season – Veterinarian Marley West. The last thing Marley needs is a client meddling in her personal business, but Old Man Winter,

Shadow Stalker Pt 3 by Renee Scattergood
September 23, 2016 Book Blog Tours Stephanie Ayers

Shadow Stalker – Part 3 Episodes 13 – 18 By Renee Scattergood Coming November 23rd Pre-Order Your Copy Today! About Shadow Stalker – Part 3 Things go from bad to worse when the Galvadi Empire develops a new technology to use against the shadow stalkers. Now Kado and Makari are more determined than ever to

Author Andy Peloquin
August 21, 2016 Book Blog Tours,Interviews Stephanie Ayers

Today we are doing things a little differently. Instead of the tradition author interview, we are showcasing the author and his upcoming release. This is just a small sample of the kinds of things we love to do for fellow creatives and writers. We are so pleased to share Andy Peloquin and his books with

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