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The Business of Writing by Eric Keizer
February 11, 2017 OWS Features,Special Feature Eric Keizer

You’ve really gone ahead and done it now. You’ve started your novel in earnest. You’ve gone through the dreaming and fantasizing phases and are making your dream a reality. Before you sit down and start typing away, please understand that if you’re looking to translate your ideas into a successful enterprise, you need to look

Excerpt: Bounty of the Everdark
February 4, 2017 OWS Features,Special Feature Lilian Oake

Sometimes you just need to read a short little tale that will take you out of your daily routine, and thrust you into another world. A story that will have a sense of closure within a sitting, because even just a few minutes in a book can give you an escape from the daily grind. Bounty

The Collaborative Writing Challenge
January 28, 2017 OWS Features,Special Feature Stephanie Ayers

Laura Callender shares an article telling you all about the Collaborative Writing Challenge, yet another platform dedicated to helping authors succeed. Scattered throughout this post are images of the four collaborations they have published. Can you accept this challenge? Introduction CWC (Collaborative Writing Challenge) stemmed from an idea I had over ten years ago. As

10 Online Writing Cool Tools You Cannot Miss in 2017
January 21, 2017 OWS Features,Special Feature Stephanie Ayers

Every writer has a bag full of tools they use to make writing more effective. Some are used to check spelling and grammar, while others are used for inspirational reasons. We all can use a little bit of help to produce better work. For whatever reason, you can find so many great tools online to

Guest Post: Fresh Starts and New Beginnings
January 14, 2017 OWS Features,Special Feature Eric Keizer

Hello, gentle readers! As we begin a new year, I would like to wish each of you good health, happiness, personal and professional success, and peace. Let me begin by telling you that I don’t do resolutions. Sure, my intentions are always good. I plan to work out more, be more financially responsible, get involved

How to Start A Successful Writing Career by Lisa Wheatly
January 7, 2017 OWS Features,Special Feature Stephanie Ayers

Ask ten people whether they’d like to work on their own or have a full-time job, where bosses govern half of their day, and the requirements of the jobs are absolutely annoying. I’m talking about following a robot schedule: 9 to 5, each…and…every…day. Well, I guess that maybe 8 out of 10 would choose the

Christmas Ceasefire Finale: An OWS Round Robin
December 31, 2016 OWS Features,Special Feature Stephanie Ayers

Four exciting parts precede this one, our finale in our holiday 5 part series brought to by the imaginations of Our Write Side staff. Elizabeth Abel, our digital media manager, wields her pen to bring this story to a close. What a phenomenal close it is! Christmas Ceasefire Finale There weren’t just boxes of red

How One Small Press Chooses Stories
December 26, 2016 OWS Features,Special Feature Stephanie Ayers

Bushmead Press is a small indie publisher that produced the Monsters anthology our creative director, Stephanie Ayers, and one of our contributors, David Wiley, have stories featured in. When Tyler Omichinski proposed this guest post, we were all for it. Have an inside scoop on how one small press chooses the stories for its anthology.

Christmas Ceasefire Part 4: An OWS Round Robin
December 24, 2016 OWS Features,Special Feature Marissa Sladek

We hope you haven’t missed a single part since this story is almost finished. Today’s segment is brought to you by Marissa Sladek, one of our behind the scenes team members penning her first words beyond a book review here for your enjoyment today. We pick up where Nancy left off last week: She sent

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