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Poetry: Blue by J.K. Allen

Today’s special feature is a short poem from one of our contributors, J.K. Allen. I love this idea of defining blue in her poetic way. Enjoy! J.K. Allen received her BA in Creative Writing and English from Michigan State University. She did her senior thesis

Poetry: Flying Curtains by Rita Anderson

Rita Anderson has an MFA Creative Writing and an MA Playwriting. A published and award-winning playwright and poet, Rita went on scholarship to The O’Neill (CF 2012). Her play, Frantic is the Carousel, was the 2013 National Partners American Theatre nominee, when she won the Kennedy Center’s Ken Ludwig

Got Gifts? We Do! OWS Guide to Father’s Day Shopping

  It happens once a year, and the date swiftly approaches. Daddies are special, especially writerly ones. They need more than your average Father’s Day gifts. You don’t always have time to shop though, and sometimes, our dads have everything already. Maybe you need to

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Poetry: Summer ’76 by Eric Keizer

Eric Keizer is the poetry editor for OWS as well as a regular contributor. Summer ’76 We sweated it out, Backseat riders on blue pleather, As Afternoon Delight flooded our Cigarette fueled dreams. Moms with macramé bags Dads with porkchop sideburns And Old Style beer

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In Memorial

Our Write Side’s CEO, Stephanie Ayers, is surrounded by heroes to honor today. Her grandfather, Michael Moore, served as a pilot in the Army Air Force of World War 2. Her father-in-law, John Ayers, served in the Army. Her uncles-in-law, James Elswick and Colden Elswick,

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Poetry: Wanderlust by Zainab Attari

Zainab Attari is a multi-talented woman. She loves creativity and illustrates her creative side with her artistic and linguistic skills. She is an entrepreneur at Chimerical Creativity which is a home-based business of handmade dream catchers. She has a Master’s degree in English Literature &

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Poetry: Cigarette by J.K. Allen

Our Special feature today comes from the files of one of our regular contributors, J.K. Allen. Cigarette The color of autumn burns slow at the end of my cigarette The flaring embers of passion turning to ash with each inhale of breath This is the

Pure Love by Archana Kapoor

Archana Kapoor is our poet of the month. Read her interview here. Pure Love The rumour of your arrival Sets my heart racing I can’t help but wait… With bated breath But how do I know You will be by my side You never allow

World Poetry Month: Song Lyrics by Eric Keizer

As poetry editor for Our Write Side, it would only be fitting for me to offer a poetry lesson of my own. To round out World Poetry Month, I figured I would do a piece on song lyrics. I have written a few songs, and

World Poetry Month: Haikus with Archana Kapoor

We are having such fun with World Poetry Month! Today we discover the art of crafting haikus with esteemed poet Archana Kapoor. Haiku: The Art, Form and Craft My husband and I love going for evening walks by the lake close to our house. Perhaps it

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