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Excerpt: Part of My Journey by Nancy E. Miller

Years ago I wrote Daffodil, a compilation of poems and prose about my journey from a dark childhood of abuse to, not only survival, but being a victor.  I haven’t published it…yet…but here are a couple of the pieces about the power abusers hold in

Poetry: Sad Santa by Eric Keizer

Christmas is one day away, and tonight Santa will weave magic as he leaves packages of all colors and sizes for children all over the world. For us adults, though, sometimes it seems like more work than we expected. We need a little relief and

Short Story: Tears of a Sinner by Stephanie Ayers

Halloween is 2 days away. It’s time for the monsters in all of us to come out. No one does this better than Stephanie Ayers. In fact, we’ve got one for you today in her short story, “Tears of a Sinner.” In an alternate universe,

Flash Fiction: A Queen for a King by Mickey McRosh

Halloween is a week away!! We would be remiss if we didn’t try to corrupt you by bringing you over to the dark side. Today’s featured story, a flash fiction by emerging author Mickey McRosh, will do exactly that. Enjoy! Mickey McRosh is a software

Poetry: The Darkling Throng by Stacy Overby

We are delighted to offer this spook of poem, a Halloween villanell, written by long time OWS supporter and emerging author, Stacy Overby. Stacy Overby works as a substance abuse counselor for teenage boys by day and as a writer by night.  Her day job

Poetry: Arambol by Apala Bhattacharya

Apala is a regular contributor in our Facebook group, OWS Word Mafia. She shared this poem there, and I knew it needed a wider audience. Enjoy! Apala Bhattacharya is a copywriter, cat lover, and period-drama aficionado. When she’s not writing for brands, she writes for

Poetry: Earthbound by Sam DeLoach

It’s poetry time and we are absolutely delighted to share the writing from one of Our Write Side’s favorite poets. Born and raised near Savannah, Georgia, Sam DeLoach grew up on his grandfather’s farm where he learned to love nature and the written word. He spent

Midsummer Mischmasch: Unrequited Summer by Mandy Melanson

We had so many great entries for the Midsummer Mischmasch contest, our judges had a hard time choosing their favorites. Today’s special delivery comes from Mandy Melanson, whose Shakespearean poetry took 3rd place in our contest. Enjoy! (PS Wondering who won? Buy a copy of

Poetry: Prison Origami by Zahra Akbar

We LOVE submissions, especially when they are this fantastic! Zahra Akbar is a poetess, blogger, and aspiring novelist from Pakistan, pursuing her master’s degree in English Literature and Linguistics. When Zahra is not writing, she is daydreaming, painting, and stargazing. CONNECT: Twitter | Blog Prison Origami Folding,

Flash: Smell of Souls by Kerry E.B. Black

Receiving submissions is one of our most favorite things. Today we are pleased to showcase a short flash from author Kerry E.B. Black. Enjoy! Kerry E.B. Black writes from a little house along the bank of a foggy Pennsylvania river. Other published works can be

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