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Fractured Friday: Queen of Hearts

A couple of summers ago, I had the great fun of collaborating with other writers to produce “Flip Flop Fiction.” Using the Mad Hatter and his hat as the mode of time travel, characters from one story would make an appearance in another story and change it. We had wonderful fun twisting the fairy tales.…
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October 9, 2015 4

The Darkroom: Keep Out

Welcome to the Darkroom where we open our photo album to you to help spark your creativity. Each week we offer a new photo, but the story is yours to write. The Rules, because there are always rules: 1. The photo is here to spark your imagination. Use it as the landscape for your story,…
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October 8, 2015 8

Introducing Coldly Calculating: Writing by the Numbers

¬†Welcome to the weekly writing prompt hosted by yours truly. Each week I will ask you to dive into the darker corners of your imagination to bring chills and thrills to your readers.   So mark your calendars because this prompt starts next week! The rules are simple: Read the prompt and the history behind…
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October 7, 2015 2
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