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Years ago, I had often thought I lived a dull life. Then I began marketing and doing speaking engagements, and I had to tell about my life. The stories came rolling out of my mouth and I realized my life was extremely full and often involved lots of glitter, glitz, and glam.

So, I’m not going to write a short little bio for you here. I’m going to begin the long tale of my life…so far. I will attempt to keep in organized according to date, although my mind sidetracks often, and that is a more likely how it will play out here as well.

The gist: I grew up in California, became a professional ballet dancer, settled in Florida, and now a book designer and publisher.

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Jenn’s 2015 release

I’m so happy to announce my new book release. Book Designs – 7 Simple Steps to Design an Ebook Cover that Sells.

In 2012, I wrote my first book ‘Judge a Book by its Cover’. In that piece I covered all the aspects of ebook covers and compared the two main ebook provider (Amazon/Smashwords) requirements. It was well received and hit a #1 seller list in 2013. It is available in print at Amazon, and as an ebook there as well as Nook, Smashwords, iStore and many other ebook retailers.

Now that it is 2015, I felt the book needed many revisions due to technology advances. The new book, titled ‘Book Designs – 7 Simple Steps to Design a Book Cover that Sells’, expands on the  original, with all the current updates, plus I added all the aspects of doing print covers as well. You can find resources to help you design, downloadable templates, and even an evaluation for your skill level to see if you really should or could be your own cover designer. If you find you cannot design yourself, the book is extremely helpful in identifying a good designer, and to help ensure you get good value.

I am extremely proud of this new book. Because I wanted a high quality interior, with an intricately designed interior, and full color, I had to go with a different printer than Amazon. They turned out wonderful and my distributor got it up on Amazon in less than a month.

You can get your copy on Amazon in print now. I will have it available on kindle shortly, and after my 3 months on the KDP program I will offer the ebook on all platforms and even instant download here as well.

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