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Deadly Dating Games

This book by Joanie Chevalier was so much fun. I couldn’t find the shoes on any of my image licensing sites, so I actually went shopping. Well…not really. I didn’t actually buy the shoes. I took my bestie and he took pictures of me wearing

How I got started in Book Design

I Started in the book design business shortly after I graduated from my degree in web design. A friend came to me and asked if I could design a cover for one of his books. I said I din’t see what could be that different

Jenn was born

I was born in February of 1972. Yes, I know, I rarely say that out loud to anyone. We will get to the reason why in my 30th year. My parents met when both were serving in the Navy. Back then though, women were not allowed

Jenn’s Life

Years ago, I had often thought I lived a dull life. Then I began marketing and doing speaking engagements, and I had to tell about my life. The stories came rolling out of my mouth and I realized my life was extremely full and often

Jenn’s 2015 release

I’m so happy to announce my new book release. Book Designs – 7 Simple Steps to Design an Ebook Cover that Sells. In 2012, I wrote my first book ‘Judge a Book by its Cover’. In that piece I covered all the aspects of ebook

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