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Bullied To Death
January 14, 2016 Writing Advice A.L. Mabry

People try to say suicide is the most cowardly act a man could ever commit. I don’t think that’s true at all. What’s cowardly is treating a man so badly that he wants to commit suicide.~ Tommy Tran   If you’ve spent any amount of time talking to me, you already know how I feel

Teacher Tales: Rainy Afternoon
January 13, 2016 Writing Advice Eric Keizer

I’ve caught myself a cold of some kind and am feeling a bit ill, so this week, I’m sharing a poem. Enjoy. Rainy Afternoon My steel sky cries desperate frustration and wonders if it wouldn’t be better to not feel at all. No one shows his faces, afraid to reveal mechanical facets, and so hurry

Nancy’s Notes: The Pierced Cup
January 11, 2016 Writing Advice Nancy E Miller

               During this last holiday season I heard many talking about how they were having trouble with their writing.  Some even doubted their ability as writers, which can be positively fatal for production.  I don’t believe their talent was any less than before but that they were suffering from the Pierced Cup Syndrome.                  Imagine

Raising Voices: What Does Hero Mean to You?
January 11, 2016 Writing Advice A.L. Mabry

  Jiovanni joins us again for this week’s edition of Raising Voices. Today he is discussing his thoughts on the definition of “hero.” We’d love to hear your thoughts.     The very definition of hero is a person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. Heroes are people or

Written: Generation Gap
January 8, 2016 Writing Advice Stephanie Ayers

As I prepare to start my 45th year of life (next month!), I have made some observations. I won’t digress into the whole selfish, self-entitled view of today’s younger generation, but there are some things I have noticed a decline of that I’d like to speculate over. The other night, my family and I enjoyed

I Lied To Parents
January 7, 2016 Writing Advice A.L. Mabry

Once upon a time, I spent all my days entertaining and educating 3-5-year-olds. It almost seems like another lifetime when I was a preschool teacher, but at the time I absolutely loved it. I was the get down on the floor and play, sing silly songs, and messy art time type of teacher. Some of

Teacher Tales Poetry: Sawyer and Finn
January 6, 2016 Writing Advice Eric Keizer

A new poem for you today. Sawyer and Finn Me And Bubblegum Taylor Long- jumped Delicious Sunday mud puddles With cap gun pistols and Long branch rifles, Rode Schwinn motorcycles And watched cotton candy clouds Float away. Tom and Huck Never had it so good, For all they had were apples And whitewashed fences. But

Kids Are Heroes
January 4, 2016 Writing Advice A.L. Mabry

When Raising Voices was introduced it was explained that we want to help give kids a voice. Kids should grow up learning how and when to use their voices and to know that they matter. Everyone has a purpose. For some of us, that purpose takes longer to find. And for others, they start a

Nancy’s Notes: Characters Depend On You
January 4, 2016 Writing Advice Nancy E Miller

Yes, characters depend on their creator to fashion their entire world.  We, as writers, get to know them, work with them, and give them life.  We are like a director of a movie.  And as such, we must instruct our actors, pull out their best work, and allow them to experiment with different ways of

Dusk Always Precedes Dawn
December 31, 2015 Writing Advice A.L. Mabry

I still remember the day I took this picture. I was at our local park with my husband and he was fishing. He always begs me to fish with him, he even bought me my own pole, but I just can’t handle the stillness; to just sit and stare at the water for so long.

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