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Destroying the Distractions, NaNo and Thanksgiving

Gotta eat, gotta write, gotta do face-to-face time with the family. What’s a WriMo (someone who participates in NaNoWriMo) to do? If you’ve been able to write every day, you’re probably pretty set for a day off to enjoy family and friends, but what if it’s YOUR house everyone comes to AND you are an avid Black…
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November 20, 2017 0

5 Strategies to Banish Your Writer’s Block

You sit at the keyboard staring at a blank screen. The cursor blinks, each time it feels a little more forceful, a little more condemning. Pressure keeps building until you finally throw your hands up and walk away because the words aren’t flowing. So now what? the trouble with waiting for writer’s block to pass…
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November 17, 2017 0

How to Bolster Word Counts with Rewrites

Some days the magic just flows. Your story comes out in a rush. Maybe it’s the coffee, maybe it’s the excitement of Nano, maybe your muse has been snorting ginseng again. Whatever caused it you don’t care. You just keep writing. It’s every author’s dream! The story basically writes itself and you simply have to…
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November 16, 2017 0
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