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Follow Your Character Around
June 12, 2017 Writing Advice Nancy E Miller

After our house burned down came the horrendous job making a list of everything we lost. While I am sure most people just put the big stuff, I visualized the rooms down to pulling out drawers and opening cabinets. The frustrated agent said it took two women six weeks to type it all in and

Character Development Courtesy of World Building
June 9, 2017 Writing Advice Stacy Overby

Have you ever stopped to think about how environment affects development? In psychology, one theory examining the interaction between development and environment is Ecological Systems Theory by Urie Bronfenbrenner. Now, I’m sure you’re wondering what does this have to do with writing and character development, but trust me a little. It does. Let’s take a

The Reality of Character Development
June 7, 2017 Writing Advice E.C. Jarvis

Sometimes known as a character arc, character development is simply the ways in which your characters change throughout the span of your story. Real life is an ever-evolving thing. We move forwards through space and time, each of us on a unique path which has never happened before and will never be repeated in the

7 Steps to Well Rounded Character Development
June 6, 2017 Writing Advice J.K. Allen

Characters are the life of our stories and so it’s important to get them right. We don’t want flat characters, stereotypes, or clichés. You can have the best, most exciting plot, but it will fall flat if peopled by weak characters. So how do we develop our characters? Start with personality. Is she an extrovert

What’s Your Character’s Character?
June 5, 2017 Writing Advice Nancy E Miller

 In the days of olde, when I was a young lass, I played Dungeons and Dragons. One of the first things you did when working up your character was to pick what type of person he/she was. I’m not talking about half-elf or dwarf. I mean his/her basic make-up.  Its moral code. The three main

Positive vs Negative Characters: Who Will Rivet Your Readers More?
June 2, 2017 Writing Advice Melinda Harmon

When you write for real people, you need to make sure your story comes across as real. If your readers do not relate to your story or your characters, it becomes a fruitless exercise. Creating your characters might seem complicated, but humans are complicated so that is a good start. Write down every personality trait

Guest Post: Building Cities by Paul R. Davis
June 1, 2017 OWS Features,Special Feature,Writing Advice Paul Davis

I’m addicted to city builders. I thought about this the other day when I started playing Folk Tale, a fantasy city builder still in alpha stages, and suddenly it was 1am. When I was little we would play SimCity on the SNES. Then Godzilla became a permanent resident and burned that mother down. I’ve played Cities

World Building When You Have No Set System
May 31, 2017 Writing Advice Tiffany Woodbeck

When delving into the process of world building, many topics need to be considered. Coming up with the bones, flesh, and blood of the story’s body is, quite frankly, an intimidating prospect. It takes time to develop a system to bring them together. What are the people like? Are they humanoid? Do they have pointy

Five Don’ts for World Building
May 30, 2017 Writing Advice J.K. Allen

Now, all month we have talked about world building here at OWS. We talked about the basics, diversity and world building, adding depth, and which questions to ask while world building. Today, let’s talk about some don’ts to avoid because good world building is not just what to do, but what not to do. Don’t

How to Avoid OVERbuilding a World
May 29, 2017 Writing Advice Andy Peloquin

One of my very favorite parts of being a fantasy writer is being able to build my own worlds. I get to design my own cities, economies, religions, political structures, empires, and more. The thing I enjoyed most about writing my first novel (Blade of the Destroyer) was following my main character on his tour

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