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Interview: Author A. L. Mabry
January 10, 2016 Interviews Stephanie Ayers

Author: A.L. Mabry Titles: Soul Purge, Vivamus, A Wish You Take (WIPs) Genre: Fantasy, Dystopia, LBGT Origin:  My mother’s womb Email: A.L. Mabry is the Executive Editor of Our Write Side and our very own Sassy Scorpio Scribe. She is an author, freelancer, and editor who enjoys writing in all genres and forms, even grocery lists. She

Interview: Ericka Clay, Author
December 20, 2015 Interviews Stephanie Ayers

Name: Ericka Clay Newest Release: Too Human Genre: poetry Contact: Interview conducted by A.L. Mabry Ericka Clay is a published novelist and the author of Unkept and Dear Hearts. She graduated from the University of Arkansas creative writing program, has published a book of short stories and poetry and is in the process of writing

Interview: Meet Wendy Strain
December 13, 2015 Interviews Stephanie Ayers

Wendy Strain is the social media and marketing manager for Our Write Side. Today, we’d like you to get to know her better by sharing her interview. Interview conducted by A.L. Mabry I am always excited to get to know a fellow writer better. It’s nice to see their wit and quirkiness. You get that

Interview with Author Jeremy Breitenbach
November 8, 2015 Interviews Stephanie Ayers

There are many authors out there. Some have been published, some have not. Here at Our Write Side, an author is anyone who has put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard and created something shared with the rest of the world, whether it be in an anthology, or a book, or even their own personal

Ten Questions
January 20, 2012 Interviews Stephanie Ayers

Trifecta has a new challenge out. It is to answer the 10 questions they’ve posted. I’ve only been interviewed once, so this was extra fun for me! Welcome to My Write Side. I hope you enjoy your visit. You’ll find this in that handy little “About Me” Tab up top there: SAM is a 40

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