Our Write Side Top 15 Writers Website Recommendations

I’ve spent a lot of time on the internet. I was branding before I even knew what branding was. When the idea of this writing community popped up, one of the things we wanted to offer was a list of resources to help writers of all levels simply write better.

There are a lot of places on the internet to do this. Facebook is filled with writing groups and communities, some sponsored from websites of their own like ours, or simply a place to meet. Today, I plan to explore the top 15 places I look to when seeking information and advice to improve my own writing. These are in no particular order, but all are favorites.

  1. The Write Life: I have been a long time subscriber of The Write Life. Their articles are always helpful, offering great advice for most all aspects of writing. Marketing pros weigh in with their tips and warnings. They’ve exposed the freelance market and shared the how-to’s in successful freelancing. They explore self-publishing, blogging, and getting published. They keep a running list of the top 100 websites for writers. They even offer an up-to-date list of writing jobs from all over the internet and the world. I can’t say enough about them. Just to prove my point, here are a couple of great articles I have found particularly helpful:

10 tips on making your novel an easier task

Where to submit short stories

Building your author platform (which we here at OWS cannot stress the importance of enough.)

2. Write to Done: This is another great site that offers other perspectives and experiences, including creativity exercises, writing advice, and more. I don’t think this site gets the recognition it deserves. In fact, I often share their articles on our Facebook page, and use them as a go to when I research. Here’s a couple of examples you’ll enjoy:

20 hot Tips on writing the perfect pitch

How to Write Better

A definitive guide to creating an author website

3. Indies Unlimited: While this one caters more to the indie writers and publishers, it is definitely still full of great advice that can be applied by any writer. They also host weekly flash fiction contests, monthly ebook bargains, free promotion, and a lively group of contributing authors that are friendly and non-competitive (and post great stuff on Facebook!) Here are a few samples for you:

Story Structure: All A Novelist Needs to Know

May eBook Bargains

Indies Unlimited 2016 reading Challenge

4. onewildword: This is a rather new find for me, but I am really enjoying the content I find there. They offer great writing advice with fresh perspectives and are considered one of the best of the best on AllTop. Here’s why:

On Sensory description

9 ways to solve writing ruts

Great beginnings

5. Writing Forward: Another newer find for me, I’ve found myself seeking them out for creative inspiration, great writing advice, brain exercises, and a whole lot more. My muse never runs dry thanks to this site. Here’s a few reasons why I enjoy this site so much:

25 Creative Writing Prompts

How to Improve your writing skills

20 Creative Writing Careers

6. ProWritingAid: I love this site! It turned my self-editing into a professional job, and has gone a long way to improving my writing. I find myself catching those things and fixing them on my own, or writing better for less editing next time. In addition to offering their free tool, they have two others with more services and keep a blog of guest posts that discuss different facets of the writers world. We can even provide you with an inside scoop to owning your own editing tool. Here’s a few of my favorites:

What is Passive Voice?

Sticky Sentence Explained

Map out your characters transformation

7. Grammar Girl: The name says it all. She covers everything grammar related including punctuation and proper word usage, which is really handy for those of us no longer in school. She’s my teacher in the computer. I refer to her wisdom on a daily basis and you can, too.

How to use Semicolons

How to Make Product Names Plural

Subjunctive Verbs

8. Hijinksblog: In case you weren’t aware, we have a couple of columnists who deserve to be on this list. Not only do they provide great content for Our Write Side, but also on their own personal spaces. Julie Allen shares writing tips that amaze me every week and she’s not afraid to tackle any writing subject. Check out a couple of my favorites from her personal blog:

How to Add Tension to your Story

How to Write a Female Character

What Makes a Poem a Poem

9. The Scholarly Scribe: Another one of our columnists, David Wiley is an author who has been writing for years. On his personal blog he offers a variety of content, all of which is engaging, from his fantasy discussions, to his honest book reviews, to features and spotlights, David has a well rounded blog that can be enjoyed by writers of all ilks.

Scop: The Medieval Minstrel

Think Like a Poet for Description

Poetic Form: Villanelle

10. Authors First: With 120 Second Writing tips, writing courses, and overall all things writing coverage, Authors First is yet another go-to site for me during research.

 Creating Chemistry Between Your Characters

  Better Query Letters in 120 Seconds (captioned video)

on Writing Historical Fiction

11. AppSumo: This is a site I receive regular emails from. They offer great products for writers and social media at deep discounted or free prices. I love seeing all the stuff they offer. Here are a few I recommend looking into:

Lifetime Access to Better Branding Course

130 Ways to get Traffic

Content Analytics

12. AWAI: American Writers & Artists Inc. offers tons of goodies for writers from its affiliate program, products, career advice, blog, and oh wow, there’s too much to even explain. All I know is that when I see AWAI in my email, my heart skips a beat:

The Invisible Ingredient of Success

How to Write Well

How to Build a Web Copywriting Portfolio FAST

13. Writer’s Digest: While I’m not a huge fan of their prices, they do offer a lot of good information, resources, and tips for writers that I thoroughly enjoy. You should too, and really, if you haven’t heard of them before, you’re missing out. Here are three articles I find incredibly useful:

Create Your Writer Platform

Use Word Choice to Set the Mood

5 Mistakes to Avoid when Writing Fiction Series

14. The Writer’s Circle: Great advice combined with writing news that is relevant to writers from all walks of life. What more could you want?

12 Accounts writers Should Follow on Twitter 

How to Price Your Work on Amazon

J.K. Rowling Inspires Twitter Followers

15. Authors Publish: This is another one I follow regularly on Facebook. I always find great image quotes, 6 word stories, and more there. Their writing advice is captivating and informative as well. I always find something to get into when I visit their site.

As you can see, the internet is full of places where writers can make connections. I’ve only begun to touch on some of the best out there. I know you will enjoy these 15 listed above, but I want to know where else you like to hang out at, what sites do you like in addition to these? Share your favorite online hot spots in the comments.

Literary Journals & Magazine Connections

As writers, we wanted to get our names out there. We became frustrated because we didn’t know where to look. We invested a lot of time we’d preferred to use writing. To save you this trouble, we have done some research for you and put our findings here. One of the best way to get published is to submit your work to literary journals and magazines. Many of these have permanent open calls and fast response time, but please check each one for their submissions guidelines.

This list will continuously grow, and the open calls may change, so please visit this page frequently. We will do our best to keep it up to date.

Literary Journals

OWS Inked: Literary Journal

Matador Review

Eskimo Pie

The Camel Saloon

Leaves of Ink,

Voluted Tales

 Story Shack Magazine

The Three Penny Review

Tin House






Word Riot

Radar Poetry

Camroc Press Review

Turtle Island Quarterly

The Dark Magazine

The Adroit Journal

Alfie Dog

Authors Publish Magazine

Cincinnati Review

The Antioch Review


The First Line

The Georgia Review

Camera Obscura


Vestal Review

Flash Fiction Online

Virginia Quarterly


Sequestrum Literary Journal

FM-Jeans On Element-39


Elite Critiques

Stories’ R’us

Tai Chi Magazine

Catholic Digest

Earth Island Journal

Talos Magazine

Just Publishing


AMC Outdoors Magazine

The Sun Magazine

The Nation

The American Gardener

One Story

The New Yorker

The Atlantic

Zoetrope: All Stories


Boulevard Magazine

Story Magazine


Daily Science Fiction


FM-Jeans On Element-40

This is just a small list. There are many, many more magazines and literary journals out there. Below we share a few links to more sites you can check out with further listings.

Have you submitted to a literary journal or magazine we didn’t post? Tell us about your experience.

Online Resources

Many times the help you need is only a click away, if you know where to look. Our Write Side has gathered some of the best resources around the internet to help you write. We have listed them here.

Note: We have compiled online grammar, editing, and punctuation resources on a different page.


*OWS Designs (formerly Genie Girl Graphics)



Great Book Covers


FM-Jeans On Element-38



*Crimson Edge Press

*Untold Press

*Mighty Quill Books

*Rhetoric Askew


*(Master Koda Select Publishing)

*Bannerwing Books

*RockHill Publishing

Deadman’s Tome (For horror fans/writers)

bookbaby blog

Grey Matter Press


Nosetouch Press

FM-Jeans On Element-39




*Write On Wendy

Critique Circle

Hemingway App

Casa Cielo Editing


Just Write Editorial Services

Urban Book Editor, LLC

The Grammar Babe


Writers Helping Writers (Beta Readers)

Beta Readers Here

Writer’s United-Critique Club

Beta Readers

Book Writing and Formatting


WRITING SITES and Communities

*OWS Word Mafia

*Crimson Edge Book Club


*The Phoenix Quill

*Rhetoric Askew


Ink and Quills

writer’s creative circle

Women Fiction Writers

*Indies Unlimited


*Indie Author Connection

Elements of Genre Writing

Indie Authors International

Writers Unboxed

Fiction Writing

Beyond Your Blog

Standout Books

Brain Pickings

Writers Anarchy

DarkMarkets (a directory of all things writing and books)


Readers and Writers Rendevous

Cathy’s Comps and Calls

Figment (for young writers)

All Indie Writers


The Write Life

Freedom with Writing


The Woven Tale Press

Lit Chat

Writers and Filmmakers

The Write Practice

Winning Writers (contest info)

Inked Voices

The Creative Penn

Every Writer’s Resource

Author Accelerator

Untamed Writing

Yeah Write


Without Bullshit

Bang 2 Write

(Teen) Newspages Young Authors Guide

FM-Jeans On Element-40


Our Write Side

Del’s Delusional Ramblings

Quill and Ink Tours

Mad Ramblings of  a Book Junkette

Love That Book Promo

Bella’s Book Reviews


FM-Jeans On Element-38

Open Calls:

Open Calls for Submissions: Short Story Writers

Open Call: Horror Market

Calls for Submissions (poetry, fiction. etc)




GoIndieNow (Author Vlog service)

B2BCyCon for Beginners

WFW Marketing

Book Marketing Tools

International Book Promotion

Authors Need Likes


Author Promo and Book Sales Site

Authors and Writers Publicity

Promote Your Book!

Amazon Book Club

Buy My Book!

Author Blog Group

Author/Publisher/Editor/Book Readers

Book Review & Promotion

Pimp Your Books

Author and Book Events


Advertise Your Books

Please note that these are for references purposes only as found on the internet. Just because they are listed here does not mean we endorse them. They are independent of Our Write Side and may not share our same views and values.

We’d love to expand this list. What is your favorite site (besides this one!) to visit for writing needs?

Facebook Connections

We understand how important it is to make strong connections with other writers and professionals. Having someone to cheer us on, catch a misspelling, or offer a better way to write is imperative to improving our craft, expanding our horizons, and promoting our work. Keeping this in mind, we have put together a directory to some of the most active writing, beta reading, and critique pages on Facebook. Check them out and join the ones that catch your eye. See you on Facebook!


Our Write Side Community


Creativity Challenge

Un-self-conscious Writing

Indies Unlimited

writers creative circle

To Write is to Live (teen writing community)

Studio 30+


The Woven Tale Press

Freedom with Writing

Writers Beware

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association


Grammar Girl


A Wordsmith’s Page

Book and Blog Services

Art of Stories


The Writer’s Circle

Creative Writing Now

Calls For Submissions

Create Your Nomadtopia

Indie Author Group

Indie Writers Unite!

Epic Reads (Teens)

Rockin’ the Side Gig

Smart Passive Income Kindle Group

Short Story America

Indie Authors International

We Blog…A Blogging Community

Creative Writing Study Group


Blogging Boost

Write On! Online

Fiction Writers Group

Light and Shade Challenge

Children’s Authors and Illustrators on Facebook

Writers Write

The Creative Studio

Careful Cents Freelancers Club

Eat Sleep Write

Master Koda

Writers’ BackSpace

The Phoenix Quill

Writers Helping Writers

The Write Life Community

Writer’s Kaboodle

Writer’s United-Author Club

Rambling Cafe

The Writers Connection

Writers Helping Writers

The Literati Writers

Authors Publish

Write 2 the Point

Powerful Publishing Tips

The Author Hub


Writers Carnival

Authors Success Guild

Writers Get Together

The Author’s Community


Poets & Writers

Women Writers, Women Books

Creative Fiction Writing

Writers and Bloggers Unite!

Writers Soapbox and Fanpage

League of Super Writers

Facebook Author to Author

Association of Writers & Writing

Word Weavers Circle

Author Accelerator

The Writers App


Lit Chat

Writers and Filmmakers

Inked Voices

Every Writers Resource


YA Author Rendezvous

FM-Jeans On Element-40


  • Critique-

Notes in Green Ink

Elite Critiques on Writing

Elite Critiques on Poetry

Writer’s United-Critique Club

Eat Sleep Write Critique

Poetry Critique

Wordsmiths With Lizard Skin

Writers World

  • Beta-

Our Write Side Critique Beta Readers

Reana’s Raving Readers

Raymond Mathiesen Beta Reader Service

The Beta Reading Club

Beta Readers Here

FM-Jeans On Element-39


Crimson Edge

Random House


Putnam Books



Little, Brown and Company

Crown Publishing Group

Beacon Press

Simon and Schuster

Penguin Random House


Forever Romance

Scarlet Galleon Publication (horror, suspense, mystery fiction)

Master Koda Select Publishing

Bannerwing Books


Untold Press

Grey Matter Press

Satin Publishing

Big Sky Press

Black Widow Publishing

Ragnarok Publications


Samhain Publishing Ltd.

Penguin Books

American Star Books Publishing

The Christian Post

Kensington Publishing Corp.

Great Escape Publishing (Travel)

RockHill Publishing

McSweeney’s Publishing


Carina Press

Tinderbox Editions

Dark Dragon Publishing

Kindle Publishers

Booktrope Publishing

CHBB Publishing

Xchyler Publishing

Loose Leaves

Amberjack Publishing

DSP Publications

Geminid Press, LLC

Laurel Rose Publishing

Library Tales Publishing

L. Cooper Press

Smooth Sailing Press

Matthew James Publishing

FTB Press

Cracked Eye

Open Circle Publishing

Immortal Ink Publishing

Hidden Charm Press

Black Beauty Presents

Writing, Self-Publishing, and Coffee

JayJay Publishing

MC Publishing

Mirror World Publishing

Five59 Publishing

Northlord Publishing

Preston Squire Publishing

01 Publishing

Artistic Words Publishing

Firebound Books

Purple Publication, LLC

Kardee’s Angels Publishing

Imzadi Publishing

Books to go Now

Success Profiles Radio

FM-Jeans On Element-38


The Bent Agency

New Leaf Literary & Media, Inc.

Inklings Literary Agency

Belcastro Agency

Jennifer Douglas Literary Publicist

Cynthia Cannell Literary Agency

Adams Literary

FinePrint Literary Management

Bookends, Literary Agency

Andrea Brown Literary Agency

Dystel & Goderich Literary Management

Andrea Somberg, NYC Literary Agent

Brooks Sherman, Literary Agent

Louise Fury, Literary Agent

Janet Reid, Literary Agent

Kristin Nelson, Literary Agent

Rachelle Gardner, Literary Agent



Starving Poets Tour

Potpourri Poets and Artists

Poetry Soup

Poets Lounge

Poetry Universe

Poets Unlimited

Pages of Poetry

‘Faces of Poetry’

Poetic Passion

A Poets Haven

Coffee House Poetry Group

FM-Jeans On Element-39


OWS Designs

Online Services


Engel Creative

Emma Michaels

Assimilation Design

Book Cover by Design

Landau House

Sparkle Designs by Stephanie

Wolfblue Design

Digital Gunman

The Graphics Shed

Great Book Covers

Dragonmun Studios

NOCover Designs

LJWebb Designs

Kamelda’s Design

Alliston Group

Cassie’s Book Covers

Plan Market Grow

Tsok Media

Sozig Design

One Studio

Emily’s Illustrations

Find An Illustrator

FM-Jeans On Element-38


Wendy Strain-Editor/Writer


Shadow Portal Books

Iron Claude Author Services

Ralene Burke

Shelley’s Editing Service

Priceless Proofreading

DeEditing Service

The Grammar Babe

Indie Author Counsel

Urban Book Editor, LLC

Ashlynn Green Editing and Design

Just Write Editorial Services

XterraWeb Books and More

Indie Editing Service

Daddio Media

Write for Healing

JK Edits

Serendipity Literary Editing

Purple Publication, LLC

10 Day Book Club

FM-Jeans On Element-40


BOOM Social with Kim Garst

The Wahm Addict LLC

DJB Ladders

Author Promo and Book Sales Group

Find Fans

Authors and Writers Publicity

Writers Kaboodle

Pimp Your Books

Book Nook Cafe


Social Media VA

In Your Face Marketing

RBBR Marketing

Gold Star Media

Nothing but Open Walls

Classic Social Media

Andy Colwell Social Media

Book Review and Promotion

Promote Your Books

Authors Need Likes

Pay It Forward Free Likes & Networking

Lisa D. Walton-Marketing Strategist (Free social media training)

Do Social Marketing and HR

Show Me Your Business

Serkes Marketing (and Web Design)

Book Marketing Tools

International Book Promotion



Epiphany Reviews

Bella’s Book Reviews

So Bookishly Book Reviews

Mad Ramblings of a Book Junkette

Love That Book Promo

Nerdy Girl Book Reviews

FM-Jeans On Element-39

Have a great group you’d love us to add to our directory? Email information@ourwriteside.com  and tell us all about it!

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