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The Glass Thief by John Ryers

Title: The Glass Thief (Tears of Aeryth Book 1) Genre: Dark Fantasy Author: John Ryers Rating: 4.7 stars A DEBT IS OWED. Del Kanadis–indentured thief to the King of Fires–desires freedom above all else. When given the opportunity to repay his debt with a single job, he begrudgingly accepts, believing it to be a fool’s…
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May 13, 2017 0

Into the Darkness Special Edition by A.M. Rycroft

Title: Into the Darkness Special Edition (Book 1 of the Cathell series) Genre: Dark Fantasy Author: AM Rycroft Rating: 3.2 stars When her father died, sell-sword Aeryn Ravane lost her way. She found it again in the form of his abandoned quest to break a dead man’s curse deep in the Black Mountains of the…
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May 6, 2017 0

Book Review: A Merchant in Oria by David Wiley

Title: A Merchant in Oria Author: David Wiley Genre: Fantasy/Young Adult Amazon rating: 5 stars Firion is a young merchant descended from generations of merchants. His first big break comes along when he sets out to trade with the wealthy Dwarven kingdom of Oria. He has always dreamed of visiting this grand kingdom, having heard his…
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