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Book Review: Maidens & Magic Anthology

Title: Maidens & Magic Publisher: Crimson Edge Press Genre: Fantasy & Magic Amazon rating: n/a Crimson Edge Press celebrates the fortitude of heroines in fantasy with their first anthology, Maidens & Magic. An assembly of five original stories, this selection promises to satisfy young adult and adult

Book Review: The Secret of Platform 13 by Eva Ibbotson

Title: The Secret of Platform 13 Author: Eva Ibbotson Genre: Fantasy & Magic Amazon rating: 4.3 stars A forgotten door on an abandoned railway platform is the entrance to a magical kingdom–an island where humans live happily with feys, mermaids, ogres, and other wonderful creatures. Carefully hidden from

Book Review: Service Goat by Piers Anthony

Title: Service Goat Author: Piers Anthony Genre: Sci-Fi Amazon rating: 3.7 stars Orphaned and blind seven-year-old Callie has a service animal – a goat with extraordinary powers. Ben Hemoth is a down-on-his luck news reporter facing prison. Needing to save his job and his reputation, he teams

Book Review: Bounty of the Everdark by Lilian Oake

Title: Bounty of the Everdark Author: Lilian Oake Genre: Fantasy Amazon rating: 4.8 stars When Lorel, a dark elf of the Everdark, overhears a plot to kidnap a human queen for ransom, she’s determined to put a stop to the scheme before a war is begun between

Book Review: The Awakening of HK Derryberry

Title: The Awakening of HK Derryberry Author: Jim Bradford with Andy Hardin Genre: Non-fiction Amazon rating: 4.9 stars HK Derryberry came into the world with the odds stacked heavily against him. He was taken from his unmarried mother’s womb three months prematurely when she was killed

Book Review: When Blood Falls by Joshua Robertson

Title: When Blood Falls Author: Joshua Robertson Genre: Dark Fantasy Amazon rating: 4.8 stars Defending against the demons of the Deep has long given Tyr Og’s brethren purpose. When Tyr’s mother is robbed from him during childhood, he loses his will to live. Now, filled with

Book Review: Southern Living Big Book of Christmas

Title: Southern Living Big Book of Christmas Author: Editors of Southern Living Magazine Genre: Crafts, Decorating Amazon rating: 4.5 stars Reviewed by: Nancy E. Miller This complete guide for the biggest holiday of the year inspires and delights with fresh ideas for cooking, baking, entertaining,

Book Review: Catch That Santa by Karen Docter

Title: Catch That Santa Author: Karen Docter Genre: Holiday Romance Amazon rating: 4.5 stars When widow, Sara Marks, hears her Grams has gone on the lam from Happy Acres Residence on Christmas Eve – on Santa’s arm, no less — she teams up with sexy

Secret Santas: Two Christmas Stories by Cameron Garriepy and Angela Amman

Title:  Secret Santas: Two Christmas Stories Authors: Cameron Garriepy and Angela Amman Genre: Romance Amazon Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars Blurb: Join authors Angela Amman and Cameron D. Garriepy in seeking out the softness and beauty of Christmas in two short, sweet holiday romances. Sweet Silver

Comfort & Joy by Kristin Hannah

Joy Candellaro once loved Christmas more than any other time of the year. Now, as the holiday approaches, she is at a crossroads in her life; recently divorced and alone, she can’t summon the old enthusiasm for celebrating. So without telling anyone, she buys a

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