Book Review: The Taming by AM Rycroft

Book Review: The Taming by AM Rycroft
June 12, 2016 No Comments » Book Reviews Emma T. Gitani

Title: The Taming
Author: AM Rycroft
Genre: Dark fantasy
Amazon rating: 4.3 stars
Reviewer: Emma T. Gitani


The tamingA dark fantasy novella for fans of sword and sorcery, and vampyre fiction.

A friend’s death still haunts Thystle Moran. Through an informant with questionable motives, she learns that the events leading up to his tragic end were no accident. Driven by guilt, Thystle seeks vengeance, but an act of betrayal by a fellow vampyre and the distractions of a young woman threaten her quest. Can Thystle get her revenge before the killer gets her first?


I received an ARC of The Taming by A.M. Rycroft for a honest review.

4 stars

The Novella The Taming is a quick and easy read, but doesn’t leave out any of the details. A well written Dark Fantasy full of action, and characters with depth that you can love, or hate. I loved Thystle, a vampyre, with a sarcastic nature, and her need to find out the truth. She can’t take vengeance without knowing who caused her friend’s death. The Immortals, a meddling bunch, send an Imp to tempt Thystle into doing their dirty work. They point her in a direction that leads to torture and possibly her death…

Thank the fates for Lilla, who proves even heroines need a little help, once in awhile. The blooming relationship is done well, and doesn’t tip into erotica. Which I personally don’t enjoy reading, but who doesn’t like a bit of romance in a great story? Betrayal by one of her own and the continuous action…. Wait no spoilers!

This was my first dip into the Dark Fantasy genre and I must say I will be getting a copy of ‘Into the Darkness, by A.M. Rycroft,’ the first book, in this interesting and fantastical world of Cathell. I can’t wait to read it. That is the best compliment I can give, I want more of A.M. Rycroft’s world!

Emma T. Gitani Emma T. Gitani is a mother and Nonna, Italian for that dreaded g- word, living in South Florida. Starting out her career as a technical writer and editor, she then moved to systems testing to fulfill her desire to 'break things'. She finally settled down to use her BA in Education writing stories for children and young adults. In October 2014, tragedy struck and her cousin passed away. Annie had always been her cheerleader, encouraging Emma to go for it and write a book. In her honor, Emma is now writing fiction with a purpose to share, working hard to get that book finished.

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