Alice: The Wanderland Chronicles by J.M. Sullivan

Alice: The Wanderland Chronicles by J.M. Sullivan
July 15, 2017 No Comments » Book Reviews Stephanie Ayers

Title: Alice: The Wanderland Chronicles
Genre: YA Horror
Author: J.M. Sullivan
Rating: 4.5

Alice: The Wanderland ChroniclesEver since the outbreak of the Plague, life hasn’t been easy, and for seventeen-year-old Alice Carroll, it just got worse. Her sister, Dinah, has contracted the ‘un-deadly’ Momerath Virus and without a cure, will soon be worse than dead. She’ll be momerath.

Alice must leave the safety of the Sector and venture into Momerath Territory to find the antidote – if it exists. Chasing a rumor about a mysterious doctor with the cure, Alice falls down the rabbit hole into Wanderland, where ravenous momerath aren’t the only danger lurking.

Reviewed by: Stephanie Ayers
Rating: 5 stars


The description drew me in, the story kept me going. As a Wonderland fan, I’ve been loathe to read other Alice tales, and most especially zombie stories. This Alice is a refreshing take on Carroll’s imagination. Sullivan’s way with words brings such characters as the Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter and even the Red Queen to life in a modern world. She pegs the characters from the beginning, never straying from Carroll’s original development, which in my opinion makes the story stronger. With clever description and easy pace, the momeraths become real in your head yet Sullivan never gets overly graphic, allowing my imagination to fill in whatever blanks it wanted to.

And oh the twists!! I started and finished this book within 24 hours, which is a tell to Sullivan’s writing talent. Once she hooked me, despite the realization that the virus created zombies, I couldn’t stop reading. Now, I must know what happens next. I find myself eagerly awaiting the next chronicle in Wanderland, and Ms. Sullivan has gained a new fan.

Stephanie Ayers A published author with a knack for twisted tales, Stephanie Ayers is the Executive Creative Director of OWS Ink, LLC, a community for writers and readers alike. She loves a good thriller, fairies, things that go bump in the night, and sappy stories. When she is not writing, she can be found in Creative Cloud designing book covers and promotional graphics for authors.

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