Book Review: Urban Mythology by Eric Keizer

Book Review: Urban Mythology by Eric Keizer
April 8, 2017 No Comments » Book Reviews Kat Avila

Title: Urban Mythology
Author: Eric Keizer
Genre: Poetry
Amazon rating: n/a

Urban MythologyEric Keizer, in his first poetry chapbook, Urban Mythologies, documents the places in, and the people of, Chicago who have made lasting impressions on his life. He celebrates the commonalities all Chicagoans share, while tying the Classics to modern life in the urban landscape, as viewed through his unique perspective.

Reviewed by: Katheryn J. Avila

The Review:

5 stars!

Poetry has never been my thing, but I really enjoyed Urban Mythology! Normally when people who aren’t poets or huge poetry fans think of poetry, struggling to understand, relate to, and interpret what the poet writes comes to mind (my boyfriend calls poetry a “random jumble of words”). That’s definitely not the case with Eric Keizer’s collection. He paints a lovely, vivid picture of the city and people of Chicago. However, even if you’ve never been there (I haven’t), it’s easy to imagine what he writes happening in any bustling city full of life. And that’s really what this collection feels like it’s about – life, living life and all that entails. Though the description says it’s a celebration of Chicagoans, I’d say it’s a celebration of human success and resiliency, and touches upon those things we all have in common.

There are so many lovely pieces in the collection, I don’t think I could pick a favorite. It is definitely a work that I’m sure I’ll find myself wandering back to every now and again. If you like poetry, definitely check out this debut collection!

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Kat Avila Katheryn is a programmer by day, writer by night. A lover of all things supernatural and helpless romantic at heart, she spends most of her writing time coming up with stories that incorporate at least one of the two. So far, she’s only published one book and a few short stories, but she intends to publish more work in the future. She lives with her boyfriend, Eric, and her puppy, Ada.

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