The Darkroom: Sailboat

The Darkroom: Sailboat
October 15, 2015 3 Comments The Darkroom, Writing Prompts Tara R

Welcome to The Darkroom where we open our photo album to you to help spark your creativity. Each week we offer a new photo, but the story is yours to write.

The Rules, because there are always rules:

1. The photo is here to spark your imagination. Use it as the landscape for your story, to remind you of a moment in your past, or the punch line to a joke. Use the photo as inspiration in any way you want.
2. Your submission can be fiction or nonfiction, memoir, poetry, dark or humor – your pick.
3. Please no adult content, no racial or political posts. Also, where applicable, please include a trigger warning introduction.
4. Keep your word count between 700-1000. (Don’t worry if you go over, or under, we won’t count.)
5. Link to your submission’ s post URL in comments. If you don’t have a blog, you can add your entry to the comments below.
6. Link to this page’s URL in your post.
7. Limit one entry per person.
8. Submission deadline is Wednesday, midnight CST (Thursday, 5 a.m. GMT)

This week’s prompt:

beach and sailboat

Tara R Tara Roberts (pronounced Tar-ah and with a southern drawl) lives and plays on the Florida Gulf Coast. A former print news and online media reporter, she now spends her days roaming the woods and beaches of the Panhandle talking to herself, penning eclectic fiction, and taking photographs. She can be found most days at “Thin spiral notebook” trying to quiet the voices in her head.
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    Amanda Mabry

    “I’m telling you, Sara, that’s the spot we left them. Look, there’s that trunk they were burning when we set off.” Nick pointed at the lonesome driftwood that stood erect just off the shoreline. It’s ragged and scarred remains spoke of a battering from all the elements.
    “Then where are they? Where’s the tent and our gear?” She wobbled sideways and plopped down on the hot leather seat as he turned the sleek speed boat with abruptness.
    “They’re probably just pulling a prank on us. Why are you so worked up?” Nick throttled down the engine and pointed them towards the shore.
    “I don’t know, Nick. I have a bad feeling.” Her eyes danced across the treeline and she shivered.
    “Yeah, this is the spot. Look there are footprints all over.”
    Sara lifted her sunglasses and looked hard at the gleaming sand. “Nick, Nick that’s blood…the footprints are all blood!”
    As they approached closer Nick pointed out the machete propped against the now ominous trunk. “We need to find them, now.”
    “No, we need to go find help!” Sara pulled on his arm, her eyes begged him to stay.
    “Sara, look at all that blood, there is no time.” He shook off her arm and dove in the water. She watched his lithe body flow through the gentle waves and a coldness swept over her.

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