Beyond the Flames

Beyond the Flames

October 23, 2012 Writing 2

He couldn’t see beyond the flames, only knew that they were safe. Adam moved towards the center of the room, distancing himself from the fire that surrounded him on every side. He remained calm, not allowing himself to become rattled by his circumstances, understanding the beauty behind the blaze. The red-yellow glow captivated his eyes as his mind awed the cleansing it would give. There would be no more sacrifice here, only rebirth. No more would the voices scream their demands for blood shed or heart break.

He couldn’t see beyond the flames, only knew the end was finally coming.


For the Scriptic prompt exchange this week, femmefauxpas gave me this prompt: He couldn’t see beyond the flames…

I gave Diane this prompt: Things are not what they seem.

This post also links up to 3 Word Wednesday with their offering of “calm, know, and rattle”, as well as Velvet Verbosity’s 100 W0rd Challenge. This week’s challenge was “distancing”.


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  1. emptythewell says:

    Oh, that’s haunting!

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