Author: Wendy Strain

3 Sources for Ghostwriting Work
July 8, 2016 For Authors,Writing Advice Wendy Strain

Last month, I told you all about why I decided to become a ghostwriter and how I schedule my time in order to manage multiple projects at once. I bet you’re wondering just how do I get ghostwriting assignments anyway? Like most ghostwriters I know, my first ghostwrite was a complete surprise. Ghostwrite?: A Writer

Use recordings with these ghost writing clients
May 27, 2016 For Authors,Writing Wendy Strain

If you remember from my last post, there are five main methods I use to capture other people’s stories. They’re a lot like the methods you might use to capture your own. These are recordings, interviews, journals/notes, research, and writing collaboration. Today I’m going to talk about recordings. Who uses recordings Recording is a preferred

One simple trick to overcome chaos in your writing life
February 19, 2016 For Authors,Writing Wendy Strain

Does the chaos of everyday life interfere with your writing schedule? It may seem like you can’t succeed if you can’t organize your writing life like a typical 9-5. For many writers I’ve known, balancing a full-time freelance writing life, even for ghostwriters, seems impossible without the structure of a professional office. To be honest,

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