Author: Tiffany Woodbeck

Character Development Through Obscure Dynamics
June 28, 2017 Writing Advice Tiffany Woodbeck

The power of a good dynamic—it’s what propels a character arc forward. A strong dynamic can captivate a reader. These are incredibly complex, shifting from positive, to negative, to neutral, and back again. The most notable form is between a protagonist and antagonist as well as the main character and supporting characters. There are those

World Building When You Have No Set System
May 31, 2017 Writing Advice Tiffany Woodbeck

When delving into the process of world building, many topics need to be considered. Coming up with the bones, flesh, and blood of the story’s body is, quite frankly, an intimidating prospect. It takes time to develop a system to bring them together. What are the people like? Are they humanoid? Do they have pointy

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