Author: Stephanie Ayers

The HJP Club: An Indie Ink Writing Challenge
July 3, 2011 Writing Stephanie Ayers

The shade provided by the only living centerpiece Laverna High had was a popular rest area for its many students, but a particularly pleasing spot for The HJP Club and its members. Delaney “Tweak” McCrory sat cross-legged in the grass under the old oak tree, compact mirror in hand, absently applying the lipstick to her

Pocket Finds
June 29, 2011 Writing Stephanie Ayers

Today’s story comes from Bloggy Mom’s Writers Workshop. The prompt I chose was: “I found the strangest thing in my pocket.” Enjoy!! “I found the strangest thing in my pocket yesterday, Billy. Do you know anything about this?” Sarah pulled out a thin metal band with a small stone on the top. It wasn’t over

Weathered: Louis
June 24, 2011 Writing Stephanie Ayers

This new piece comes some point after this piece. I posted another piece yesterday that falls between the evening in the bar and the tempered breakfast. Enjoy. Beep. Beep. Clip. Clip. Woosh as the door opened. Blair’s complexion was as pale as the paint on the walls of her hospital room. Everything in her room

Weathered: Soaring with Angels
June 22, 2011 Writing Stephanie Ayers

>This is the next installment from this piece…and takes place just before this piece…. “Louis?” She whispered as her fingers traced the veins on the steel arm beneath them, feeling his power as his muscle contracted with her touch. They continued along a path leading to a taut six pack before settling in the warmth

Weathered: Pursuit of a Happy Ending
June 10, 2011 Writing Stephanie Ayers

This picks up where this excerpt leaves off. Regina was in the pizzeria waiting for Blair, an ambulance distracts her… Regina blinked quickly because she had a hard time believing what her eyes were showing her. Blair was on the stretcher being rushed into the Emergency Room across the street. It was not the entrance

Little Girl Lost
May 31, 2011 Writing Stephanie Ayers

Someday… I will don that cap and gown. I have graduated from high school, but I didn’t attend graduation. I had only been at the school for a month and didn’t see the point. I was bitter. Too bitter. Life was an uncoated aspirin that always seemed to get stuck in my throat; the acrid

Feigned Innocence
May 27, 2011 Writing Stephanie Ayers

This was absolutely the last time he would ever lock her out again. It was double jeopardy time for the little man. Going outside without permission was his first strike, but locking his mother out of the house when she made him come in was the last straw.  A purple vein ran down her forehead,

>Weathered: Red Hot Breakfast
May 15, 2011 Writing Stephanie Ayers

>This post happens shortly after this piece. The old woman turned and smiled. Blair and Anthony made a handsome pair as they came through the door into the diner. They had decided to get breakfast on the run after a rummage through her fridge came up dry. “Sit wherever you’d like,” the old woman told

>Weathered: Something Wet
May 13, 2011 Writing Stephanie Ayers

>This is a continuation of this post from yesterday…   The luxurious comfort of her father’s Lincoln did little to soothe her despondent state. Despite the familiarity of the driver, a long-time employee of her father’s, she found no respite in his attempts to cheer her up. Ignoring him, she took advantage of the mini-bar

>Weathered: Dream
May 12, 2011 Writing Stephanie Ayers

>This picks up where this piece left off…If you are joining for the first time, Blair has discovered her 20 yr old wedding dress in the closet of her childhood home where she is tending to her ailing father…. With mist shrouded eyes, she returned the dress to the closet. A little more rummaging produced

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