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>Writer's Workshop: Hit the Road Jack

> Could you be friends with this man?  Never mind that he’s scary to look at. Never mind that his acting is annoying. Never mind that I had to watch him overact his way through Yo Gabba Gabba like a broken record. The top 10

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>Red Writing Hood: Crunchy Momma

>     “But, Mom! Please!! I know it has been 27 years since you made baby food, but I really need your help!” Kelly’s voice cracked a little in her despair. Jace was screaming behind her, which only added more frenzy to her normally calm

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>Red Writing Hood: The Blizzard of '94

>”And we will be right back after this commercial break,” the news announcer exclaimed. Becca took her eyes off the television and moved to the back of the cafe to clear off another table as Jimmy turned the volume down and counted the till. Clanking

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>Writer's Workshop: Weathered-The Professor

>“If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up.”  ~J.M. PowerIs this like “the early bird catches the worm?” Blair wondered to herself. She was still trying to figure out how she ended up in the

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>Kristin Hannah's LATEST in a GIVEAWAY

>On her blog!! OMG I’m so stoked. She is one of my favorite authors. Her newest novel Winter Garden has just been released in paperback, and she is offering a secret giveaway of the book on her blog: All you have to do is leave her

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>New location

>I want to start the new year with a new home for my writing, so I can dedicate my life blog to exactly that…life. Thanks for coming. Thanks for reading. I hope you’ll stay awhile. Expect changes. Take a look around, familiarize yourself with the

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