Author: Shakyra Dunn

Goal Setting: How It Can Actually Hurt You

“If you keep your products superior and never diminish your quality, you will remain strong through obstacles.” -Martha Stewart I bet you woke up this morning, putting down a to-do list on a piece of scratch paper, ready to punch the day in the junk, right? WAIT! Before you set out to make and keep…
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January 10, 2018 0

The Power of Social Media: How to Find Readers for Your Genre

If there’s anything to know about being a writer, be it traditional, self-published, or hybrid, there is always going to be some marketing involved when you decide to hit ‘publish’ on your craftsmanship. In this day and age, we’re often spending our time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and everything in between—but there is definitely a…
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December 27, 2017 1


National Novel Writing Month is probably one of the most glorious, peaceful, and overall stressful times of a writer’s life. And not even just the new kids on the block trying out the concept for the first time—even those who have been at it for years find it to be a hassle churning out 50,000…
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November 13, 2017 0
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