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Publisher’s Corner: Formatting – Successful Book Production – week 3

Successful Book Production Formatting Welcome back to my mini-series on publishing. This week, I will begin on successful book production, and more specifically formatting your interior. So far, we have talked about the actual skills of writing and the full, and often unknown, true editing

Jenn FitzGerald Books: Successful Publishing-Week 2

Writing Skills Welcome back to my series on successful publishing. Last week, we went over the entire editing process, which is quite a lot more than what most indie authors realize. If you haven’t seen that one, you can read about all five of the

Publishing Successfully – what is Truly involved

Steps to Publishing Successfully Publishing successfully is more than just write and hit publish. At least 75% or more of authors I speak with really don’t understand the entire publishing process. It’s no fault of your own though. The media perpetuates the supposed simplicity, and ease of

How to prep for writing contests

The end of the year poses many writing contest deadlines, including our own here at Our Write Side (ends in 2 days!) and mine over at Black Widow Publishing. So what do you need to pay attention to if you want to have the best

Jenn FitzGerald’s intro to cover design

When I first got started in the book industry, I had just graduated from SWFL college with a degree in web design and development. A friend of mine asked me if I could possibly make an ebook cover for him. I said of course! I

Jenn FitzGerald is Mother Spider?

Who is Mother Spider and why all the arachnids? It is interesting to hear adults get squeamish over spiders. What happened to make everyone so afraid of them? I grew up with a great tale of a spider. It was a heart-felt story of a loving and

Why so many font choices?

It is truly amazing how many fonts there are. is one of my favorite places to hunt for what I need, although there are literally thousands of other sites out there. I will caution though, if you are looking for a new font to

Alice Oldford

I have the wonderful pleasure of knowing Alice in person. Many of my clients, the only communication we ever have is all via the internet. Alice has a few wonderful books about life and cooking, and I was given the opportunity to design the cover

Kris Kramer

Kris is another of my regular clients. He recently came back for the cover for Book 2 in a series he is working on. This one was different for me with a Black & White aspect. His first cover, I hired an illustrator for the

September cover

Don Mosher is a wonderful client of mine. We have worked together on five covers now. This latest cover, we had the pleasure of using an image provided by his friend, the owner of this magnificent house. I had seen an interesting technique for the

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