Author: Melinda Harmon

Guest Posting: Why Do You Have to Try It?
July 15, 2017 OWS Features,Special Feature Melinda Harmon

When you are a new blogger, you make sure you write quality content for your own blog, in the hopes that your traffic will increase. Sometimes, that does not happen and can leave a blogger very despondent. What you might not know, is that some bloggers write for other blogs without getting a cent for

How to Write on a Topic You Don’t Know
July 14, 2017 Writing Advice Melinda Harmon

Writing on a topic you know well is already no easy task, because even though you know the basics, you still are required to put it in words. Trying to write about something you know nothing about is for obvious reasons, much tougher. Unfortunately, we do not always have the opportunity to write on topics

Positive vs Negative Characters: Who Will Rivet Your Readers More?
June 2, 2017 Writing Advice Melinda Harmon

When you write for real people, you need to make sure your story comes across as real. If your readers do not relate to your story or your characters, it becomes a fruitless exercise. Creating your characters might seem complicated, but humans are complicated so that is a good start. Write down every personality trait

Make Your Imagination Work: Great Secrets of Word Building
May 20, 2017 OWS Features,Special Feature Melinda Harmon

Having an impressive vocabulary is going to take you very far in life. We all know that one person who always throws in some big words where we try to figure out what exactly it means. Do not wait for those mind blowing moments before you start your own word building exercises. Learn new words

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