Author: Tara R

A Way With Words: Neologisms
January 5, 2016 Writing Tara R

Neologisms – those sometimes annoying words that began as a noun and over time morphed into a verb. Some of these are a recognized part of our American lexicon. Words such as – chair, table, hammer, eye, mouth. They are so common that we often don’t consider that each of these began as nouns, yet

A Way With Words: Apostrophe Angst
December 29, 2015 Writing Tara R

The humble apostrophe is often abused, or ignored. Misuse of this simple punctuation mark inevitably ranks high on many writing “pet peeve” lists. Just because a word ends with an s doesn’t automatically imply that there will also be an apostrophe included. All of the uncertainty over the proper use of a little accent mark

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