Author: Tara R

A Way With Words: Going the Distance
October 13, 2015 For Authors,Writing Tara R

Tomato, tomahto… potato, potahto… farther, further… It is not simply a disagreement about pronunciation, there is a difference in definition. Confusion with words and phrases such as farther and further, fewer and less than, and over and more than, is the difference in dimensional context and abstract concepts. Farther vs Further “Farther” should be used to

A Way With Words: Malaprop
October 6, 2015 For Authors,Writing Tara R

Back in the 1970s, a comedian named Norm Crosby was famous for using malaprops in his show. A malaprop is a word or phrase used incorrectly in place of a similar sounding word or phrase. It was his schtick to mispronounce keywords in familiar clichés and idioms, often giving the new phrase hilarious meaning. He

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