Author: Heidi Angell

Don’t Lose Yourself in Writing
December 26, 2017 Writing Advice Heidi Angell

Hello Lovely Writers, As the holidays and year end tackle us in full force, I am reminded of something very important. I spend so much time planning, scheduling, writing, editing, and working on book-related tasks that sometimes I forget why I love what I do. Sometimes I forget that I am Heidi Angell, not Heidi

A4A: Easy Tantalizing Twitter Tips to Unexpected Exponential Growth
December 18, 2017 Angells 4 Authors Heidi Angell

Hello Lovely Our Write Siders, Let’s talk about the bird in the room.  Twitter. It is this scary, overwhelming, fast-moving place! It’s easy for those who are less tech-savvy *waves* to get overwhelmed and feel out of place. It functions very differently from Facebook, where it’s all about emotions and *being friends*, whereas Twitter is

Building an E-newsletter List Final Part- Just Because you Built it, Doesn’t Mean They’ll Come
November 21, 2017 Angells 4 Authors Heidi Angell

Welcome Our Write Siders, Here is the final installment of the E-newsletter series. It’s not the end of your e-newsletter adventures, but it is the end of ours together. (If you missed out on the importance of having an e-mail newsletter,  the broad planning of what you will offer, chosen a Service provider, and What goes in the Welcome Email, be

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