Author: Heidi Angell

A4A: Easy Tantalizing Twitter Tips to Unexpected Exponential Growth

Hello Lovely Our Write Siders, Let’s talk about the bird in the room.  Twitter. It is this scary, overwhelming, fast-moving place! It’s easy for those who are less tech-savvy *waves* to get overwhelmed and feel out of place. It functions very differently from Facebook, where it’s all about emotions and *being friends*, whereas Twitter is…
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December 18, 2017 0

Building an E-newsletter List Final Part- Just Because you Built it, Doesn’t Mean They’ll Come

Welcome Our Write Siders, Here is the final installment of the E-newsletter series. It’s not the end of your e-newsletter adventures, but it is the end of ours together. (If you missed out on the importance of having an e-mail newsletter,  the broad planning of what you will offer, chosen a Service provider, and What goes in the Welcome Email, be…
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November 21, 2017 1

Building an E-newsletter List Part 4 of 5- The Dreaded Intro

Hello Our Write Siders, Hopefully by now you understand the importance of having an e-mail newsletter, You’ve done the broad planning of what you will offer, and you’ve chosen a Service provider. Now what? You need to craft an automated responder to your new subscribers. For those who subscribed to mine to see how mine looked, you will notice that I…
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November 14, 2017 0
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