Author: Heidi Angell

Starting a Writing Ritual- article for OWS-U Writing 101

Let’s face it, writing is tough. We have to get in a creative and productive mindset to write. With all the distractions and lack of time in our lives, it can be difficult to sit down and write. So how do we make our writing time more conducive? With a writing ritual. Having a writing…
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February 1, 2018 0

Maximize Your Virtual Book Tour Masterclass Coming February 5th

Are you a published (or soon-to-be-published) author? Are you trying to figure out how to get your book in front of readers? Have you thought about doing a Virtual Book Tour? Or maybe you heard someone talking about them, but really have no idea how one would even do such a thing? Today is a…
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January 28, 2018 0

Looking for Exposure? I’m Here to Help!

Hello Lovely OurWriteSiders, I am a big proponent of supporting Indie Authors. I know how important it is, as I am an indie author. My main online persona is geared specifically toward readers, through An Angell’s Life of Bookish Goodness, where I offer tons of awesome opportunities to help indie authors get additional exposure. Here…
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January 7, 2018 0
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