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Marketing in Minutes a Day

The life of an author is a constant struggle for balance. For most, that balancing act includes a full-time job, family, social commitments, writing, and then when writers hear “marketing” they throw their hands up feeling overwhelmed and demand that they don’t have any time.

Tips and Tricks to Save on Editing Costs

Editing. The hardest part of being an author. By FAR! And the place that you will find the most scammers out there to make a quick buck. Seriously, there isn’t a site I’ve been to that doesn’t have tons of people peddling questionable skills to

The Business of Writing: Event Marketing & Networking

February on OWS is all about The Business of Writing. It is the hardest part about being an author. The writing is easy, right? We love it. It’s why we became authors in the first place! But the business end is HARD. Two of the

Smart Goals for 2017 Planning

Hello Our Write Siders, Welcome to 2017. A New Year, and an opportunity for a new start. We’ve all made goals, right? We’re trudging along trying to achieve them. Then, BAM, something (usually life, or lack of knowledge, or lack of time) gets in the

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