Author: Phoebe Darqueling

Defining Success: Setting and Keeping Your Individual Writing Goals

January is the season of goal-setting. The new year is a convenient place to begin new routines, though there really is no BAD time to start setting goals. I’ll wax poetic on the power of deadlines in a minute, but there are plenty of articles about the “should” of goal-setting without much guidance on the how or…
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January 27, 2018 0

Battling to the End: How to Keep Your Focus the Last Week of NaNo

Greetings Word Warriors! If you’ve made it here to the final stretch of NaNoWriMo, I salute you. On the other hand, if you’re reading an article about the last week of a NaNo rather than writing your novel, you’re probably looking for more than a cheerleader. Perhaps you’re simply feeling tapped out after so many days…
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November 24, 2017 1

How to Harness the Power of the Crowd: 5 Must-Read Tips for Writers Considering Crowdfunding

Deciding to publish your own work is big step, but the cost of putting out a book by oneself can be enough to derail even the most stalwart of self-pub dreamers. Thankfully, somewhere between paying it all out of pocket and finding one of the Big 5 to foot the bill, there are some options for raising funds for…
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October 13, 2017 0
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