Author: Emma T. Gitani

Show Vs Tell Character Description by Emma T. Gitani

We’ve all heard these expressions. Show don’t tell. Give meaningful description but don’t make  a laundry list. The example below takes on showing character description without creating a laundry list. Laundry List Example: Matt started magic school two weeks ago, and he watched the girl who sat at his lunch table. She was skinny and…
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June 24, 2017 1

Book Review: Bounty of the Everdark by Lilian Oake

Title: Bounty of the Everdark Author: Lilian Oake Genre: Fantasy Amazon rating: 4.8 stars When Lorel, a dark elf of the Everdark, overhears a plot to kidnap a human queen for ransom, she’s determined to put a stop to the scheme before a war is begun between the races. (A tale within the series of Jaydürian tales.)…
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January 21, 2017 1

Legacy by S.L. Buckley

Andraste and her dragon, Lux, are barely old enough to leave their home, yet they are running for their lives. Dragon Riders everywhere are being hunted to extinction by both known and unknown forces. Her destination is simple: reach a dragonhold for help with her injured sister and her dragon, and then get herself to…
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August 6, 2016 0
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