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Where to find inspiration?

Shh, I have a secret to tell you. Come here, close the door, bend down low, whisper with me… There is a well beneath a fountain from which water springs eternal with no discernible source. If you drink from this well with an ancient gold

On Writing (and Editing) Steampunk

CONGRATULATIONS It seems you are an expert on all things steampunk – I feel like the movie voice-over guy says this to me every time someone asks me to write about steampunk. I mean, okay, I have four published books that broadly fit into the

The Business of Writing Erotica

What a messy business this is… or can be. Messy, sticky, squishy… you kinda need to take a shower afterwards. Erotica, as a genre, is the ugly cousin of all other genres. It’s looked down on and sneered at by many in the industry, writers,

Fresh Start

I have recently taken to the casual study of physics. Currently, the topic is the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Within this law is the concept of Entropy. Now I’m no physicist, and so please excuse my poor attempt at explaining and applying the concept of entropy

Marketing 101 – The Big Bucks

This is the third post of a four part series on marketing written by an author who has been through the process. You’ve dabbled in a little light marketing and had a combination of success and failures and whatever options you’ve chosen. Now you’re ready

Part Two: 4 Marketing Tools Authors Need

This is the second post of a four part series on marketing written by an author who has been through the process. You have the book, the blurb, your bio, teasers – the works. You’re ready to dive into the shark pit of the literary

Marketing 101- The Basics

This is the start of a four part series called marketing 101 written by a self-published author who has been through the process. Part one – The Basics Marketing is a necessary evil. It’s something that I never gave much serious consideration when I set out on the

What’s in a Name?

As I sat down to pen a short story I got a little stuck (as I always seem to) when attempting to come up with a character name. The lady I had in mind seemed to demand a sort of old-fashioned name. I sat for

Book Signings 101

Today’s topic – of which I don’t really claim to be an expert – is book signings. We’ve all heard of them, perhaps a few of you have attended them as readers, these mass events where hundreds of authors set up a table in a

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Keeping on track when writing a series

Writing a novel is a lot of work. Writing a whole series is a lot more work. As I am fast approaching the end of the fourth and final book in my steampunk series, I can reflect on the long journey that brought me from

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