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Unexpected Research Tools
July 13, 2017 Writing Advice Eric Keizer

Research. Perhaps the second most (right behind “outlining”) misunderstood and feared word in academia and the writing world. I have observed students actually tremble at the thought of spending hours finding valid and pertinent research for projects and papers. Before the advent of the internet, I found myself dreading the inevitable, often repeated trips to

Poetry: Subway by Eric Keizer
July 1, 2017 Featured Poetry and Shorts,OWS Features Eric Keizer

Subway ©June 2017 Eric Keizer Electric worm, Inwardly I smile, but only Deep inside, otherwise, They wonder if you’re crazy/dangerous. Next stop, North Ave. Gingerly I step inside, Doors slam and suddenly, Acrid, stale, “air conditioning” Weakly cycles, But damn, It’s hot. There’s sour sweat, sour beer, lingering vomit Cologne and perfume Disinfectant. Next stop,

Tips for Writing an Epic Western Part 3: The Final Roundup
March 30, 2017 Writing Advice Eric Keizer

Howdy Pardners! I reckon y’all are doing fine on this beautiful March morning. For my part, I can smell the coffee pot Cookie has simmering over the campfire. The wind is gently blowing through the sage, and my Pinto is softly neighing for me to bring her some grass. My bedroll is strapped behind the

Self-Editing Your Poetry
March 9, 2017 Writing Advice Eric Keizer

Poetry is tough to create. There are so many diverse styles we can choose from to express our thoughts, emotions, and visions. Word choice is perhaps the single most important variable we must consider when planning our poems, yet we often hurry to “get it all down” before we really consider the tone and structure

The Business of Writing by Eric Keizer
February 11, 2017 OWS Features,Special Feature Eric Keizer

You’ve really gone ahead and done it now. You’ve started your novel in earnest. You’ve gone through the dreaming and fantasizing phases and are making your dream a reality. Before you sit down and start typing away, please understand that if you’re looking to translate your ideas into a successful enterprise, you need to look

Tips for Writing an Epic Western 2
February 9, 2017 Writing Advice Eric Keizer

“It’s high noon in some nameless border town. The unknown gunman stands directly before you, facing the sun, with his hand hovering just above the pearl handled pistol in his holster…” Wait a minute. Some nameless border town? An unknown gunslinger?  If you’re trying to build tension here, this is not the way to do

Guest Post: Fresh Starts and New Beginnings
January 14, 2017 OWS Features,Special Feature Eric Keizer

Hello, gentle readers! As we begin a new year, I would like to wish each of you good health, happiness, personal and professional success, and peace. Let me begin by telling you that I don’t do resolutions. Sure, my intentions are always good. I plan to work out more, be more financially responsible, get involved

Tips for Writing an Epic Western 1
January 12, 2017 Writing Advice Eric Keizer

Howdy Pardners! We grew up on them. We love them, the tales of heroes and criminals; tales of loss and redemption, set upon a well-worn- saddle and slinging lead at bad guys in black hats. In honor of this ubiquitous and uniquely American genre, I will be writing a series devoted to helping writers create

Poetry: Sad Santa by Eric Keizer
December 24, 2016 Featured Poetry and Shorts,OWS Features Eric Keizer

Christmas is one day away, and tonight Santa will weave magic as he leaves packages of all colors and sizes for children all over the world. For us adults, though, sometimes it seems like more work than we expected. We need a little relief and perhaps even a more realistic view of Santa than we

Developing Your Poem
November 10, 2016 Writing Advice Eric Keizer

Hello, gentle readers! Over the years, I have talked with numerous poets- some of whom were well-versed in creating fantastic pieces, while others had inklings of ideas, but felt unable to proceed in creating a complete piece. It is tough, sometimes, to develop more than just a few, disconnected lines. I too, occasionally run into

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