A Moment In Time

A Moment In Time

February 18, 2012 Writing 17

Thursday you met Viola Grace. Today, you got a brief glimpse into the Time Keeper’s transformation. Now, they meet again…

“Did you ever see her again?” Tweak said. She’d been mostly silent, preferring to soak in her surroundings before conversing.

The Time Keeper smiled briefly before a storm moved in and clouded his eyes. They were incandescent blue, much like a tropical ocean. All four girls were mesmerized by them. His chest heaved in another sigh, deeper this time. He turned from them, facing the river instead, focusing on the brightness of the moon. Its light cascaded on the water, bringing movement to life.

For just a moment, he could see Viola standing on the shore as she once had, one foot of her worn knee-high boots in the water. He took in the change in her attire; there were small bottles for collecting steam on one arm of her green jacket, her bodice was trapped in strapped leather, her white skirt billowing in the wind.  A butterfly pendant hung around her neck, the wings bordering a small clock with a single hand like a compass. A small magnetic gear pasted to its face provided its energy. She smiled in that coy way she had that he loved so much. She removed the pendant and let it swing from her fingers. She was taunting him. Both of them knew the magnet on the clock face belonged to him.

“Dear Cage. We meet again,” her voice was sultry. Viola’s red lips formed a small pout as she finished. She stepped closer to him, closing the pendant tightly in her fist. Her opposite hand reached up and stroked his face. Her fingers pressed on his jawline, and she lifted up on her toes. A light touch of her lips against his, and he inhaled the heady aroma of sunflowers.

Pain blasted through his head, and he almost stumbled. He stepped back, out of her embrace. He was startled to discover the pain disappeared. The realization that Viola was the enemy shocked him. He had convinced himself in the days since his death that she acted under duress. The awareness that she was not blindsided him. He breathed shallowly as he stepped further away.

“It’s an unfortunate meeting, Viola. I was rather fond of my memories. Now, I must fight you.” There was no trace of the regret he felt in his voice. His legs spread shoulder length apart, and his hands hovered just above his hips, ready to snatch his guns from their holsters. Viola matched his stance, with one hand removing a bottle from her sleeve, the other hovering over her own holster. She pulled her gun out and held it at eye level, inserting the bottle into the chamber. The pendant swung from her hand once more as her eyes locked onto his.

“It doesn’t have to be like this,” she said.


For the picture prompt, tell us what is evoked by the image at the top of the page. Where is it? Who has taken this picture? Are they lost, alone or on holiday with the love of their life? Is this a Valentines Day holiday to never forget, or a break away to get over the loss of their lover to some great tragedy or another lover. You decide. You have 50-500 words.

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17 Responses

  1. writingchellestyle says:

    Oh, how my heart hurts for the Time Keeper! I think we can all relate to being deceived by someone we love. I’m curious to see how he will handle it.

  2. Carrie says:

    It would be quite a shock to discover the one you loved was now your enemy…though the fact she pushed him off the train I would have thought he’d expect her to be nasty, not loving.

    A few things: at the end of the third paragraph you use ‘she’ to start a lot of sentences. And in the fifth paragraph you use ‘the realization’ twice. Maybe switch up one of the sentences?

  3. Beautiful – Your the featured Storyteller this week 🙂

  4. hrose2931 says:

    Wow! All that from the picture? That was so good! I want to read more! Damn!

    • SAM says:

      You could visit the tab up top that says Works in Progress and click on “in Time” if you really want to read more.

  5. k~ says:

    (rubs her hands together) ohhhh yes, there is more!

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