A good editing interaction

A good editing interaction

September 24, 2015 Writing Advice 0

Roland Boykin wrote about his experience with his editor and I felt you may benefit from what happened there.

He spoke about how she pointed out issues with his writing that he was already aware of. In this instance, here is one area where an author needs to search out their known issues. For example, use the Find function to search for your overuse words and change them.

He went on to talk about new issues he was not aware of. This is where your professional editor earnsĀ their money. Boykin was very open to his editor’s comments and thus it was a very productive interaction. This is especially difficult for authors, because this is your baby. Authors have difficulty letting an editor rip it all apart. Boykin shows how this openness to criticism is vitally necessary.

As stated by one of the comments left on his page, “A good editor’s first dedication is to the story, itself, and writers need to be willing to kill their babies for the good of the whole tale.”

To read the article, visitĀ http://rolandboykin.blogspot.com

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