Month: May 2017

20 Questions to Ask for World Building
May 23, 2017 Writing Advice J.K. Allen

This month we’ve been talking about world building and so today instead of talking about the general subject, let’s talk about questions you can ask yourself to get started on world building. So here’s 20 questions… What is the geography like? What is the terrain like? How does it differ from other areas? What is the climate

Event: Confluence
May 21, 2017 OWS Features,Press Releases Stephanie Ayers

Through the B2BCyCon, the editors here learned of a wonderful opportunity for authors. It’s an event held annually in Pittsburg, PA. We are excited to share this interview telling you all about them. Q: What exactly is Confluence? A: Confluence is a full weekend (Fri-Sun) Conference with a focus on Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror, in literary,

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