Day: April 7, 2017

How to Make an Old Story New
April 7, 2017 Writing Advice Stephanie Ayers

“I give you this to take with you: Nothing remains as it was. If you know this, you can begin again, with pure joy in the uprooting.” ― Judith Minty, Letters to My Daughters It happens to everyone. We start with a vengeance, earnestly tapping away for as long as the ideas flow. Then, life

Friday Flash Fiction Train
April 7, 2017 Friday Fiction,Writing Prompts Kat Avila

All aboard the Friday Flash Fiction Train! Each week, a new prompt will take us to parts unknown – sit back, check out the prompt, and enjoy the ride. But first, some rules. Every week, a random prompt will be posted on Friday. Participants have until Wednesday at 12:00 PM EST to write and submit a response

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