Month: March 2017

Coldly Calculating: One Stop Shop
March 1, 2017 Coldly Calculating,Writing Prompts A.L. Mabry

A.L. Mabry will be your host each week as we probe the darker corners of your imagination. This series is meant to help feed your mystery/horror muse, so try to give us chills! The prompt is open to interpretation, but try to include the phrase somewhere in your piece. This Week’s Prompt One of the

On Writing (and Editing) Steampunk
March 1, 2017 Writing Advice E.C. Jarvis

CONGRATULATIONS It seems you are an expert on all things steampunk – I feel like the movie voice-over guy says this to me every time someone asks me to write about steampunk. I mean, okay, I have four published books that broadly fit into the steampunk genre box, but I don’t have a badge or

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