Month: March 2017

Writing Groups-Create-Join-Benefit by Cindy Tomamichel
March 25, 2017 OWS Features,Special Feature Stephanie Ayers

Today’s post is from author Cindy Tomamichel. Cindy Tomamichel is a writer of action adventure romance novels, spanning time travel, sci fi, fantasy, paranormal, and sword and sorcery genres. They all have something in common – swordfights! The heroines don’t wait to be rescued, and the heroes earn that title the hard way. She has

Book Review: Calamity by Brandon Sanderson
March 25, 2017 Book Reviews David Wiley

Title: Calamity Author: Brandon Sanderson Genre: Superheroes Amazon rating: 4.6 stars When Calamity lit up the sky, the Epics were born. David’s fate has been tied to their villainy ever since that historic night. Steelheart killed his father. Firefight stole his heart. And now Regalia has turned his closest ally into a dangerous enemy. David knew Prof’s secret,

Friday Flash Fiction Train
March 24, 2017 Friday Fiction,Writing Prompts Kat Avila

All aboard the Friday Flash Fiction Train! Each week, a new prompt will take us to parts unknown – sit back, check out the prompt, and enjoy the ride. But first, some rules. Every week, a random prompt will be posted on Friday. Participants have until Wednesday at 12:00 PM EST to write and submit a response

Dress Up Your Descriptions: Harness the Power of “Red”
March 24, 2017 Writing Advice Phoebe Darqueling

  Personally, I absolutely LOVE to write long descriptions of places and events, but I know that for many this can be a slog. It’s difficult to translate what you see in your mind into words on the page. Not to mention, writers are expected to do so in an interesting way that engages and informs the

You’re so vain
March 23, 2017 The Darkroom,Writing,Writing Prompts Tara R

Welcome to the Darkroom where we open our photo album to you to help spark your creativity. Each week we offer a new photo, but the story is yours to write. The Rules, because there are always rules: 1. The photo is here to spark your imagination. Use it as the landscape for your story,

Coldly Calculating: The Third Degree
March 22, 2017 Coldly Calculating,Writing Prompts A.L. Mabry

A.L. Mabry will be your host each week as we probe the darker corners of your imagination. This series is meant to help feed your mystery/horror muse, so try to give us chills! The prompt is open to interpretation, but try to include the phrase somewhere in your piece. This Week’s Prompt When things are

Editing YA and Adult Fiction – What’s the Difference?
March 22, 2017 Writing Advice Lilian Oake

With a million articles out there about “How to Edit,” some ask what’s the difference between editing YA and adult? Surprise! There isn’t all that much. Not these days, anyway. Teens aren’t stupid, you know, and they have pretty good BS detectors in their ever-growing minds. Writers and editors need to be privy to that, or they’re going

Just a little bit
March 21, 2017 Two Word Tuesday,Writing,Writing Prompts Tara R

Welcome to Two for Tuesday, where you are offered two similar, yet distinct, words to spark your imagination. One prompt will be an ordinary, oft used word. The other prompt will be a little more expressive, maybe even unfamiliar. Each word will include a definition to help get you started. “The most valuable of all talents is that

How to Use the Comma and Semicolon
March 21, 2017 Writing Advice J.K. Allen

This month we are talking all about editing. This week we will clear up some common confusions people have about punctuation. People most commonly have a problem with commas, when to have them and when not to, and semicolons. A lot of people find commas really tricky, but it’s really just a matter of knowing the

The Gifts of Editing
March 20, 2017 Writing Advice Nancy E Miller

What if you could look back on your life and edit it?  Would you remove a bad relationship? Would you gain a new respect and appreciation for how it has all turned out? Would looking back allow you to make better decisions in the future? Aristotle said it best, “The whole is greater than the

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