Day: March 13, 2017

How Do You Edit?
March 13, 2017 Writing Advice Nancy E Miller

  Each writer has his/her own process of creation. That includes, and I cringe at the word, editing. Nope, there is no way around it.  It is one of the necessary evils (like marketing) that we writers must endure. I’m probably speaking just for myself. Some writers absolutely love editing. (No, really, stop laughing.) How

Assignment: Crushed Sunlight
March 13, 2017 Master Class,Writing Prompts Stephanie Ayers

The Master Class has returned! Every week, I will introduce you to three prompts. Choose one, write about it, link up, and move to the head of the class like these authors: John and Tara. It’s that simple. The rules: Read the prompts. Write a story answering the prompt. This can mean you use the prompt as

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