100 Words: Time Travelers

100 Words: Time Travelers

October 26, 2011 Writing 4

In that one moment- the moment when time simply stopped, and you were frozen in exactly whatever pose you had struck just before, your hair stiff and drifting behind you, suspended in space–the whole world was quiet. It was disconcerting really, especially since they didn’t know where they were going next, only that they were going somewhere. They didn’t even know who was really in charge of all this, but they had suspicions. They knew that someone could stop the time jumping any time he wished to. He wouldn’t though.

Free will. People thought it such a wonderful thing.


This week’s 100 words is a part of the In Time series (Formerly called the HJP Club). Our word this week was Quiet.


4 Responses

  1. Carrie says:

    Incredibly spooky and perfect for this time of year. The idea of being caught in a stasis is freaky.

    I love the last line, adds a touch of humor to it all.

    And I’m liking the new look as well…I still need to go through and try to figure out how I want mine to look

    • DM says:

      Thanks, Carrie!

      As for this look, its the Choco theme, in the red color scheme. I do really like it. Perhaps the 3 different color schemes will give me some versatility and I will keep it for a while.

  2. Chelle says:

    Held my breath as I read this. I imagined myself suspended in time. Absolutely love the last line! So much truth there and it spoke volumes.

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