10 Online Writing Cool Tools You Cannot Miss in 2017

10 Online Writing Cool Tools You Cannot Miss in 2017

January 21, 2017 OWS Features Special Feature 0

Every writer has a bag full of tools they use to make writing more effective. Some are used to check spelling and grammar, while others are used for inspirational reasons. We all can use a little bit of help to produce better work. For whatever reason, you can find so many great tools online to help you. The tools listed below are popular for a reason and might help you when you are in need.

No matter what area in your writing you need help with, we list the best tools for 2017.

  1. FocusWriter

We live in a world full of distractions, from our cellphones to our social media accounts. If you are struggling to switch off when you need to focus on writing a piece, FocusWriter is the way to go. FocusWriter helps eliminate distractions by hiding apps you select as well as customize the way your texts are displayed on your screen.

  1. CeltX

This free, online scriptwriting platform is great for solo writers and small teams. There is another popular script writing platform named Final Draft but it is more for bigger companies. It will be worth your while to give CeltX a go before investing your money on costly script writing software.

  1. Scribus

This desktop publishing application has been around since 2001. With passing time, Scribus seems to be becoming more and more popular. Scribus will help you with layout and preparing files for professional image-setting equipment. If the appearance of your work is just as important as your writing, this is one to try.

  1. yWriter

cool toolsThis tool is used by writers for its organizational features. If you are writing a novel, this program will organize your chapters and screens in an efficient manner. No more searching for a specific piece of paper. There are tabs to specify characters, pictures, notes, and others if needed.

  1. Plotbot

This program was designed by two film school graduates. Designed for screenwriters to chat with others and get opinions on their work. You will be able to run your plot by others and see what they think. If you get negative feedback, perhaps it’s time to change the plot.

  1. SpellCheckPlus

Every writer needs a spelling and grammar corrector. Grammar check online free programs are always available, but it is important to choose the right one. You can also find an apostrophe checker online. SpellCheckPlus is a great tool to do all of this. It is effective and gets it right more than others I’ve used.

  1. Mind42

This is one of my favorites. This mind mapping tool with brainstorming capabilities will make everything easier. You can use it to schedule events, make to do lists, and even share your mind maps with others.

  1. Tomboy

This is a note organizing tool that allows you to organize and format your work into different tabs. Every writer always has random ideas and needs somewhere to quickly write it down. With this tool you are able to enter the data and have it organize your ideas in an easy to navigate form.

  1. Imagination Prompt Generator

If you get in a creative rut like most writers do, this is a great way to exercise that part of your brain. This tool will give you half sentences and questions to help you boost through that writers block. I suggest using this tool often to stimulate those brain flows.

  1. LanguageTool

The importance of proofreading your work is often underestimated. With LanguageTool, you won’t have to physically do it yourself. The amazing part of this tool is that it works with over 20 languages and all versions of English. This tools claims to catch more errors than a regular spell checker so it’s worth trying out.

With all these tools in your writer’s toolbox, you will be equipped to do your best writing ever. Every writer has moment where they need some creativity or a really great spell checker. Trust me, you are not alone. We all need help, and the creators of these tools are usually people who needed these tools at some point. Now your life is made easier because there is a variety of useful programs out there.

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