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  • 05 May 2016
    May Poet of the Month: Archana Kapoor

    May brings a new poet of the month, selected by our poetry editor, Eric Keizer. Meet the talented Archana Kapoor, poet and travel writer. Life manifested in its complete liveliness is Archana. A Banker turned Blogger, she realized that writing and expression gave meaning to her life and soul. ...


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Our Writing Prompts:

  • Master Class Featured Image

    The Master Class 34 has returned! Every week, I will introduce you to three prompts. Choose one, write about it, link up, and move to the head of the class. It’s that simple. The rules: Read the prompts. Write a story answering the prompt. This can mean you use the prompt as your title, somewhere in...

  • Friday Flasher: On A School Bus

    Welcome to the brand new Friday Flasher writing prompt. This is the space where the number of words you use to tell your story really matters! Every week we will offer you a new prompt. In 500 words or less, write a response using all 4 parts of the prompt in your story. It’s that...

  • The Darkroom: Black water

    Welcome to the Darkroom where we open our photo album to you to help spark your creativity. Each week we offer a new photo, but the story is yours to write. The Rules, because there are always rules: 1. The photo is here to spark your imagination. Use it as the landscape for your story,...

  • Life Begins at Forty

    Welcome to Coldly Calculating: Writing by the Numbers. I will be your host each week as we probe the darker corners of your imagination. This series is meant to help feed your mystery/horror muse, so try to give us chills! The prompt is open to interpretation, but try to include the phrase somewhere in your...

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